Adaptive Computer Technology and Beyond

A talk is being organized about modern assistive technologies from 1330 to 1430 at Room L131, MCAST ICT.  Marica Gatt, an AAC specialist, will be giving an overview of the various different assistive technologies available to facilitate communication.  She will also be talking about interesting directions and needs for research in the field.

This event is open to all Level 4,5 and 6 students, as well as interested members of staff.

Hacker Scouts: Kids Learning Through Tech

Hacker scouts aren’t your usual scouts. These kids use circuits, laser cutters and sewing machines to make things! You may have heard of STEM education. Well, Hacker Scouts have added art into the mix. It’s all about STEAM education here. Take an inside peek into a Hacker Scouts meeting in Oakland, California.

Check out the link:

Happy Learning 🙂

Robotics and Coding Week – 27th November till 29th November 2013

An event organized in conjunction with the MCA and the  euRobotics Week


Robots  are an excellent way to teach learners how to program and think logically through easy to use blocks. Robotics are also a fantastic way to see what you are actually coding put into practise (translate excitement into an educational tool). This is no surprise that learners even at a very young age are fascinated with Robots. Robots can be configured and built in any fashion as long as you have a creative mindset put into place. Here at MCAST IICT we believe that each learner has the potential to translate his/ her gained knowledge into a skill. That is why we participate to these events!

The Robotics week is a three day event where students from various schools in Malta and Gozo come to our Institute and are given the opportunity to translate the Robots into a live working machines that respond to commands.

Also, the students are given exposure to web development via HTML (Hyper Text Mark-up Language) to build simple web pages.

Happy Learning 🙂



Meet the Industry

Today, Mr. Damato gave a talk about his experience in the ICT sector and the importance of Innovation, Creativity and Skills related to industry requirements. The session emphasised on how individuals use their creative skills as a means to foster ICT innovation. During his talk he gave his suggestions to think off before starting your own business. These suggestions include:

  1. You want a healthy business that will not suffocate or die, it needs cash to grow, but firstly cash must come in
  2. What is your idea?, you will be producing products or services, how will you sell, what competition exists?
  3. What capital do you need, what set up expenses? Do I have enough money.
  4. Will I be taking a wage from this business or do I have another source of income? I need to re-invest most of the earnings in the business
  5. Do I have any income at the moment?
  6. Think of a business plan but first you need a model…

Mr. Damato also mentioned that currently the Government of Malta is supporting Innovation through MITA as soon they will open an Innovation Centre at SmartCity Malta which will act as a hub to synergise the effort of various parties aimed towards ICT-themed R&D, idea-generation, incubation and open-innovation. Also MIC will be serving as a show-case for locally developed ICT products and services.

Furthermore, the Government is simulating R&I investment through policies directed to support the specialisation areas identified in the National Research and Innovation Strategy 2020. Also support will be provided to local ICT players to increase their participation in pan-European and international R&I funding frameworks. Finally the government will cultivate a widespread entrepreneurial mind-set and launch more ICT start-ups and young high-growth ventures exploiting ICT.

Happy learning 🙂