DataSolv Ltd – Network Support Technician Vacancy

DS Logo DataSolv Ltd has a vacancy for a network support technician. The prospective candidate should ideally have already successfully completed an advanced course in networking (such as CCNA) , and/ or is Microsoft Certified or has similar qualifications. Additional training will be provided. Those interested should send a CV to

2D Tanks XNA – Stephen Compagno 2HND4

2D Tanks XNA – Mimics a game when amiga was around and was on the way to including the aspect of building and using currency to maintain operations offered by the buildings.

KONNEKT / MCAST – collaboration

Konnekt was established in 2007 and has evolved into one of Malta’s largest and most innovative recruitment agencies. KONNEKT search & selection supports a number of companies operating in Malta, the UK and North Africa, offering different services depending on the level of assistance required by the client at different stages in the recruitment process. Some of the roles that KONNEKT currently have within the IT industry.