Clayton Agius – Bsc – Fruit Slice

A Unity game created by Clayton Agius.   Player has to slice the fruit as it comes up off the bottom of the screen.   A download of the game is available here:


Screenshot - fruit slice
Screenshot – fruit slice


Joseph Grech – 2HND – Online Shop is a web application which allows the clothing business to migrate online and allow its clients to window-shop and purchase its products online. Apart from being an online clothing store, supplies a number of security features in order to have its business transactions secure, both against hacking as well as traceability through auditing and record keeping.

The website allows administrator to add products dynamically, as well as create Discount Sales, different price types per product, per user type, as well as being able to be in control of user accounts registered with the website; such as un/blocking users, providing different administrative permissions to accounts, and updating products’ meta-data, such as categories, brands, colours, and sizes.

Clients are ultimately allowed to filter products by a varied set of refinements, eventually add their favourite products to their shopping cart, and checking out their cart items through and Online Payment System.

Oliver Ciappara – 2HND Level – Online Shop Website

This website was created as a result of an assignment, given to 2HND Software students. The purpose of this website was to allow clients that visit, the chance to purchase clothes online. Administrators were to be given access to pages, whereby they could make changes to, Orders, Stock, Products, and Categories, while some administrators could also assign roles to user accounts, and permissions to these user roles. This system of roles and permissions allowed the website to be more secure, as not all administrators could change/access all the features.

The main features of this website was the catalogues page, where guests and registered users alike, are allowed to view, filter and add products to cart. The filter system is accessed through a link where a panel is shown or hidden accordingly, and the “add to cart” feature is found as a link button under every product listing. Once a product is clicked a more detailed description of that product pops up in a separate dialog box.

If the client is satisfied with the items in his cart, he can proceed to the checkout page, which is accessed through a link in the header named Cart. Users that click this will be redirected to the checkout page, were they can make changes to the order if need be.

The Confirm button invokes a dialogue which asks the client for his credit card information, this is required to complete the transaction. If at any time the client wishes to remove items from cart he simply has to delete it by pressing the “X” button next to the product, or if the quantity of an item is changed to zero the product is removed from cart.

Student work

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