Level 2 IICT Foundation College Students – ICT Project Winners 2018


From a total of 65 students at the MCAST IICT Foundation College, 13 students were chosen as being the best and runner up in developing an educational IT games in close collaboration with iLearn.

The students received a certificate and a 15 and 10 Euro voucher gently sponsored by PC Zone. Such games focused on English and Mathematics learning games for year 3 and year 4 students.

Well done to our teachers for providing their professional expertise and support to our level 2 students. 

MCAST IICT Student at the JAYE Malta Foundation.


Keith Chircop an MCAST ICT  student reading Level 4 Diploma in Multimedia Software Development took part in a startup programme organized by the JAYE Malta Foundation.  Keith started working on his prototype MANIBUS as from the beginning of the scholastic year 2017/18. He managed to put together a research presentation of MANIBUS as well as developing practical examples of MANIBUS. His idea is to add Push Back technology to existing hand gesture technology. Keith Chircop presented his idea on Saturday 26th May to the public during the JAYE Startup Programme Finals & Awards Night Forging Connections. Keith was awarded for his Continuous Development and Entrepreneurial Spirit.

Kids in Orbit


Kids in Orbit are looking for a beginner web designer to work on creating an exciting kids astronomy website. The website will be subscription based with partial free content available while majority available by monthly subscription.

Site will need to be very visually stimulating and targeted for kids between the ages of 8-11. Candidates will be asked to submit one or more design concepts and the favourite design/designer will be chosen to take on the project. A trial period will be set to see if the candidate can continue to mirror the desired expectations of the project.

Contact: Mark Gladwish
FB @ www.facebook.com/kidsinorbitacademy

MCAST IICT – one-day boot camp


MCAST Institute of Information & Communication Technology organized a one-day boot camp hosting two schools, Mater Boni Consilli Paola students, and San Benedittu  Kirkop students.  The Boot Camp was organized by Mr. Silvio Nocilla, Mr. Paul Pulis and with the help of Ms. Daniela Zerafa Education Officer for MATSEC IT VET. Four Students reading an Advanced Diploma in IT at level 4 where involved to support form 2 students during their boot camp exercise. Mandy Cortis, Leon Piscopo, Neil Delia and Ramon Falzon did a very good peer tutoring job helping the students to complete their web design exercise during the boot camp day. Dr. Mario Cardona Head of Technical College, Mr. Conrad Vassallo Director for ICT and Mr. Silvio Nocilla DDPM for the ICT Technical College presented a certificate award to the students for the excellent work done by assisting the students during the boot camp event.