The product: In short Trackerbird ( is like Google Analytics for software applications, anonymously tracking installations and runtime intelligence for software apps. We developed a Windows and MacOS SDK which software vendors can integrate with their software application using any of our C++/.NET/Python/Obj-C APIs. This enables the software to collect runtime intelligence which is then uploaded to our cloud servers for processing. Data is processed by our Analytics engine providing real-time interactive reports & visualizations.
Area of Interest: Big Data, Analytics, High-performance computing, Networking, Client-server frameworks
Technologies used: Python for our core engine running on Linux clusters, ASP.NET frontend, MongoDB for bigdata storage, MySQL, REST APIs, .NET, PHP
The Company: 3-year old Maltese Startup, international market, currently tracking 5+ million active users per month, small team
What we are looking for: As we grow we plan to expand our technical team by Q2 2014. This includes 1 Python dev + 1 ASP.NET web dev
(Post A) – Experienced Python developer with fluency in Linux & networking technologies. Ideally has experience in developing client-server frameworks, exposure to MongoDB or other non-relational DBs and technologies used in BigData environments. Basic understanding of high-performance computing including replication, sharding, multi-threading. Knowledge of C/C++ is an asset.
(Post B) – Frontend developer fluent with ASP.NET/JS/JQUERY/CSS. Knowlege of PHP/HTML5 and other web technologies is an asset.
Ideal candidates:
– Fast learner with can do attitude
– Must be open to learning and experimenting with new languages & technologies at own will
– Reliable person with ability to work unsupervised, multiplex between tasks and manage own time, involving tight deadlines.

Full-time/Part-time or freelance contracts considered. Flexible working hours.

So the position could start off part time and then eventually lead to a full time position when the student graduates. We are flexible at the moment and understand a students position that they would have to complete their studies. 
If you have any more questions or if I left anything out please do not hesitate to contact me.

Vacancy: Part-time – Front End Developer

We’re currently looking for a bright young developer to work 20 hours per week.

This is a great opportunity for a keen developer with proven experience of WordPress, CSS and HTML. It would be beneficial, though not required, for the applicant to have knowledge of jQuery, CSS3 / HTML5 and a portfolio of existing WordPress sites or experience with WordPress.

You will be working with the team on projects but also separately to develop amazing websites for our ever growing client base of small business owners, larger companies and international corporations. Having a very good understanding of the latest web technologies is a must, and you must be able to code without any help/reference.

Qualifications / Experience -Very strong CSS HTML CSS JAVASCRIPT skills with competent knowledge of WORDPRESS

You must be relaxed, focused, and confident on the work you’re doing. Openminded people with a thirst for creating great things is essential.

Name: Zak Borg
Company: Anchovy Studios Ltd
Contact Number:+ 356 7921 0808