European Week for Waste Reduction – an opportunity to showcase your efforts!

It is very important that 1st you register as a user. The link is highlighted further down.
Should you have any difficulties you can contact me on 23858262 or 23858234
How do I become an organiser?
Interested parties must register their activities through an online registration form. All it takes is 2 simple steps:


1) Register as a User on
2) Submit the Action Proposal online via When doing so, ensure that you select Malta and complete all fields of the form. Please also take into consideration the EWWR Participation Charter.

Note: If you are going to organise more than one action, you will need to complete one form for each action.

After submitting you will receive an automatic email to co...

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ACT – Youth and Environment Fair Invitation

I'm Tim Micallef (I'm an MCAST student, 2nd yr environmental sustainability at IAS). 
I would like to invite you and all MCAST students, on behalf of our team, to the ACT! Youth & Environment Fair on Friday October 31 from 10:00-18:00 in the Grand Ballroom at the Phoenicia Hotel. The ACT! Fair is an event to introduce local youth to the wide variety of environmental NGOs and initiatives operating in Malta. This event will take place from the ACT! team which has been set-up through an EU Youth in Action project.
The aim of the fair is to show youths, students, adults and the wider public the missions and values of NGOs in a fun and interactive way...
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The ICTSA Industry Expo

The ICTSA Industry Expo


On Sunday 26th October, ICTSA invites you to The ICTSA Industry Expo where representatives from various companies will be showcasing their brands, recruitment opportunities and much more. 

The event will be held at the University of Malta's Faculty of ICT on Level -1.

The companies present on that day will be:


  1. Bit8 >
  2. Ixaris >
  3. Ascent Software >
  4. CCBill >
  5. Betsson >

At 11:45am there will also be a discussion with the topic: 'My Future as an ICT Undergrad'.

We urge you to attend as it is a great networking opportunity for ICT students not to be missed. 

This event is supported by ESkills Malta Foundation

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The Malta Independent – A successful MITA Information Security EXPO


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Best Motherboards for October 2014

A boon to experts and beginners alike, performance standardization allows most of us to choose a motherboard based solely upon its CPU interface, on-board features, and price tag. On the other hand, continuous additions to our motherboard collection leave many readers without the time to read everything. We understand, and are here to help with a shorter list of award-winning products that you'll probably want to investigate further. First, pick a CPU (we can help there, too).

The top motherboards chart can be found from our source listed below. This includes both Intel and AMD boards. Enjoy!,3902.html



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