MCAST IICT – Code Week


Collaboration between MCAST IICT, the E-Skills Foundation and MCA was done to celebrate Code week. The event is part of the Europe Code Week 2014 event were all around Europe; IT professionals make apps, websites and lots of other things by learning to code.

The technology revolution is all around us and many of our daily interactions are with computers.  Learning to code helps us understand to create the digital services we use everyday .  Whether you create a website or simulate the traffic on our roads, or create an online game, coding is everywhere.  It is a way of looking at the world; an enabler and a discipline, a life skill for the digital era. Learning to code is a powerful way of exploring ideas and creating new solutions for work and play.

Code week was held on the 1...

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PHP Developer Vacancy

WP White Security is a WordPress software and security services company based in Malta. We specialize in developing WordPress plugins and provide WordPress security services. In just a year one of our plugins WP Security Audit Log ( was downloaded almost 40 thousand times and we are looking into continuing expanding the plugin. To do so we require a part time based PHP developer, who preferably has experience in WordPress, although not necessary. If interested send your CVs to: Attn: Robert Abela


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Ascent Software Ltd

Ascent Software Ltd is organising another national challenge for all ICT students currently attending a course at level 6 or higher.   A select number of participants will have the opportunity of an internship with Ninu (our Nao Robot).  The idea is to allow students to research and develop new robotic behaviours.

Please register for the challenge at

The challenge details will be sent via email to all registered students by the end of October 2014. Each student participating in the challenge will have till the end of December 2014 to upload his/her solution.

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MiaMosta – Computer Operation Vacancy

MiaMosta  requires one person full-timer for Computer operation with no need of advanced computer studies and one person part-timer doing similar work with the possibility of a full time worker.

Please be assured that an accepted candidate should be well pleased with this job if this job is seriously conducted to the best of ability.

Experience is not needed.

Applications should be made first by phone-cum-email using and tel 79059568

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Vulcanus in Japan programme

The Vulcanus programme, funded by the European Commission, offers industrial placements in Japanese host companies to European students in engineering and other scientific fields.
Students from the following under-represented countries are particularly encouraged to apply: Croatia – Bulgaria – Malta – Slovenia – Ireland – Luxembourg – Denmark – Estonia.

For more information visit:

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